With us you can bring healthy chickens, ducklings, goslings and quails in 3 weeks without much effort. Why is it better to choose Teplusha incubators? First of all, it is economical, because thanks to innovative technologies, incubators consume very little energy. Secondly, it does not require much time and effort, because the eggs turn over automatically, and due to uniform heating, a stable microclimate is constantly maintained. And thirdly, it is affordable, because Teplusha is always high quality at an affordable price. More than 40,000 companies around the world use Teplusha incubators. Recognition and gratitude of our customers is the highest sign of quality, which we at Teplusha highly appreciate!


Main elements


Inverter-type hull

The inverter-type hull makes it easy to maintain the desired temperature with minimal deviations. Equipped with humidity sensors, incubation day counter and error diagnostics.

Incubation chamber

This model of incubator is the first and only in Ukraine with a completely plastic incubation chamber, which dramatically increased the service life of the device and simplified sanitation.

Heating element

The heating element in the silicone shell has successfully passed many years of testing, confirming its high quality. We confidently give him a 3-year warranty.

Turbine and fan

The new configuration of the turbine together with the branded fan ensure uniform temperature distribution in the incubation chamber. This allowed us to reduce the temperature deviation range in the chamber to 0.2 ° C.

New tray design

The new tray design with the rotary mechanism has function of automatic position. You can set its operating mode. This is an ideal solution for incubating different types of eggs. The structure itself is easily removed and installed.

Outer case

The outer case is made of high-density expanded polystyrene, which allowed to bring the thermal insulation properties of the incubator to a new level and reduce energy consumption.

Convenient refilling

The lower plastic part of the incubation chamber is specially designed to make refilling as convenient as possible.

Full scheme
construkt_img_10 construkt_img_9 construkt_img_8 construkt_img_7 construkt_img_6 construkt_img_5 construkt_img_4 construkt_img_3 construkt_img_2_2 construkt_img_2 construkt_img_1
  • Ventilation and humidity regulator
  • Viewing window
  • Control block
  • Thermal insulation housing cover
  • Plastic cover frame
  • Thermal heating element
  • Turbine
  • Limit switch
  • Central thrust of the turning mechanism
  • Multi-tray
  • Plastic mesh
  • Auto-rotate engine
  • Crank
  • Plastic frame with underwater containers
  • Heat-insulating case
  • Convenient refill
Full scheme


The inverter control block unlike usual, provides uniform distribution and stability of a temperature mode.

Inverter control
block of the EURO 88

Conventional control block


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1 Pour water into containers

2 Place the eggs in the trays

3 Set the temperature

4 Increase humidity on the 21st day

5 Move chicks to brooder